CHEETOS Easter Egg Hunt Giveaway Sweepstakes

CHEETOS Easter Egg Hunt Sweepstakes CHEETOS Easter Egg Hunt Giveaway Sweepstakes (Lots Of Great Prizes)

To enter the CHEETOS Easter Egg Hunt Sweepstakes use code: FBNx6vi10 – Codes can be obtained from CHEETOS Facebook page. *We will also update this post when more codes become available. They are giving away lots of great prizes(see below). Ends April 20, 2014. Good Luck!

FREE Game Codes:

  • FBNx1sb69 
  • FBNx3fm72 
  • FBNx6vi10
  • TWCx2ba12
  • SKCxx43n4
  • TWCx7al27
  • TWSx1vn89
  • DRTx0mp52
  • DRTx5rx37
  • BNSx89zk3
  • TWSx6ga18
  • BNSx19mr5
  • FBSx1jk07
  • BNSx74jr4
  • BNSx33xy7

Limit ten (10) Plays per day per person/email address. (See official rules here).

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